Sustainable investments​

Farvatn’s capital portfolio investments include shipping, real estate, stocks, bonds and venture.

Furthermore, we are expanding our focus on early-stage venture and private equity investments.


Farvatn Capital invests in three main segments;

Shipping – Farvatn sold the industrial shipping activity in 2016, and now pursues a clear financial ownership strategy for all our shipping assets. We currently hold positions in chemical- and product tankers, container ships and crew transfer vessels for the offshore wind industry. Farvatn invests directly in shipping assets, preferably with partners, and indirectly through fund structures.

Real estate: Investments in commercial real estate, primarily in Norway. We focus on building a diversified portfolio of various asset classes, and our current portfolio has exposure towards office buildings, hotels, retail and logistics. We invest in yield- and value add properties, we have a financial mindset and prefer to invest alongside with trusted partners.

Liquid debt and equity instruments: Investments in various equity- and bond markets. We balance risk/reward by building diversified portfolios, and we invest primarily through funds and indexes. Farvatn conducts traditional as well as algorithm based fund selections.

Private equity​

Our portfolio ranges from fund investments to control investments in private companies. In fund investments, we typically seek funds with an x-factor targeting the mid-market buyout segment.

With direct investments, we prefer businesses in Norway or the Nordics with proven and sustainable business models. We value entrepreneurial management teams with skin in the game in industries with attractive long-term growth prospects. We typically look for controlling ownership but can accept negative control under the right circumstances.


Farvatn aims to support the most promising emerging technology companies. We invest early stage in companies we believe have the potential to become global leaders in their fields.